First blog post

I’ve debated whether or not I should choose this path, debated it for about a year. The path, to try to get to know a deity that nowadays almost nothing is really known about. That deity is the Cailleach. I first encountered the presence of this deity while Journeying last year. An Owl guide showed me one of her mountains, among other things. Up until this Journey, I had never heard of the Cailleach; and I must admit it took me a day’s worth of rummaging around on the internet before I realized the name of the presence I encountered.

I was intrigued; but at the same time, I hesitated. I do not speak Gaelic – it took an hour before I was fairly sure I even had an inkling how to pronounce this name of hers – and I am not a specialist in Celtic culture or their ancient religious outlooks. I have more experience with Norse and Germanic Paganism, even Greco-Roman Paganism, than I do Celtic Paganism. I have, over the years, had a very strong connection with Odin – also a one-eyed deity. So I tucked this experience neatly into a drawer in my mind and chose instead to focus on a couple of other aspects of that fateful Journey. I would not say that I was wrong to do so; but I can say that I feel like now is a good time to change my focus and begin along the path to the mountain I was shown.

I still do not speak Gaelic, and I am still not a specialist in Celtic Pagan traditions. But it’s pretty clear to me that the Cailleach pre-dates the Celtic presence in the Isles, perhaps even throughout northern Europe. I am good at sensing presences, and I do not feel like I was shown this path for the sake of starting a new cult. I’m not interested in using this blog to try to educate anyone about what I know – when it comes to her, I know nothing, simply put. Instead, I hope to use this blog to write down some of my thoughts and record some of my experiences, in the hopes that my usual tendency of gleaning order from writing will manifest itself here, as well. I want to understand two things better than I currently do: first, I’d like to better understand the presence I was introduced to; and second, I’d like to better understand why I was introduced to her.

If you are reading this, then you are likely also someone with an interest in the Cailleach. I would welcome your insights as this blog progresses. I am someone who believes very strongly in diversity of thought, perception and belief – this is not a place where a respectful difference of opinion will turn into a judgement.


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