Angry people

This may not have much to do with the Cailleach; but it is an issue that has recently come up in my life, and since it blindsided me more than any storm ever has, and has to do with an ending, maybe it does have some remote relevance to the Cailleach. Either way, I would post two little pieces of advice here ….

One, in life there are going to be angry people who will set out to hurt you. Sometimes these people are simply confused about something, and are lashing out. Sometimes they are simply trying to distract themselves from their own inner torment by trying to bring pain to others. Neither situation excuses the behavior, it simply explains it. How you react to this will be for you to choose, not them.

Two, don’t make the mistake of letting your own negative reactions to such people blind you to those in your life who would not deliberately hurt you. In doing so, you award a victory to someone who would hurt you, and a loss to someone who would not. And you run the risk of doing to someone else what was just done to you – perpetuating their anger is not the solution.