Tarot cards

Something I have learned to really enjoy doing this year is reading tarot cards. Thanks in great part to a good friend with a timely post, I started this year with the Wildwood deck; but have since switched myself over to using the Archeon. Both are really good decks – with beautiful artwork and symbolism, each with their own distinct feel, and both seem to be quite accurate for me. I have recently started incorporating tarot cards into my Journeying, so far simply consulting the cards regarding things and ideas I encounter along the way. For me, this is another way to explore and review what I encounter in my Journeywork, another way to seek wisdom. I have begun to wonder, however, whether or not I might benefit from doing this the other way around: meditating on a tarot card beforehand, and using it as a purpose for a Journey? For now, I have other Journeywork that I am doing; but this might be something I revisit at some point.

I leave this post with a newer version of an image I created – originally for a different blog project that never really got out of the planning stage. The image is comprised mainly of two images and one well-known theme. The first image is a modification I made to Magic Circle, a painting by John William Waterhouse (I added in the sword and pentacle images, both in the public domain, to complete the already existing wand and chalice / cauldron elements). The second comes from scans of the original Rider-Waite deck from 1909 (and not the recolored version published in the 1970’s). Both images are therefore in the public domain. Enjoy!


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