5K Mosey, and a bit

from the step-tracking app on my cell phone

Once for my promise to do so,
and once for someone who couldn’t,
one time for one who wouldn’t do so,
or told himself he shouldn’t. 

As previously reblogged about, I had every intention of taking part in this year’s Worldwide WordPress 5 KM (wwwpk5) event. Since time did not permit me to do this yesterday, I decided to do it today. This actually worked for the best: yesterday I started breaking in a pair of Docs I recently bought off the internet from someone who obviously underestimated the time it can take to break the boots in properly.

What that meant for today was that my feet were quite thrilled at the notion of putting on a pair of trail runners, even if that meant a little moseying! I checked with the strained muscle on the back of my hip; and although moseying wasn’t its first choice for the day, we agreed sitting would be much worse. So off we went.

Where I walked today is a park near the outskirts of the city, with a one-kilometer track around a pond, about five kilometers away from where I live. I have a path there that, if I time things right, I don’t have to stop for annoying pedestrian signals along the way. My timing today was quite good; and my way to and from the park was uninterrupted. When I got to the track at the park, I decided to do five laps as the weather was great (just how I like it: overcast, cool, and breezy), and it seemed as though my strained hip was willing to play with.

The result was a little over 15 KM in about three hours. It was a fun walk, even if I could feel my hip slowing my usual pace a little; and I am grateful to the good folks at WordPress for holding an event like this – I am already looking very forward to the next such event!

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